P.O.Box 38088-00100 ,
Nairobi, Kenya

+254 763 481 829

Peter Kimani - Founder

Mr Peter Kimani is the founder of Care love charity Foundation. He was born and grew up in the rural (rather poor) area of Kabati village, in Kandara, within Murang’a. The fact that he lived among the neediest people triggered his passion of sharing whatever he had, however small it was. By starting this Foundation, he wanted to give more hence to desire to avail an umbrella to the less fortunate so they can have a shade under which to repair.

Mr Kimani is an Accountant by training and by profession. He have been systematically visiting needy persons of this country for the last ten (10) years. And through those regular visits, many sad people (individuals and families) recovered the stolen and/or lost smiles.

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