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Medical Program

a) HIV/AIDS in Korogocho slum

Around 10% of the adult population living in those slums are HIV positive –this makes the slums one Kenya’s most affected areas. Poor living conditions, extreme poverty as well as lack of education are the main reasons to the spread of HIV/AIDS in the slums of the Kenyan Capital. In front of such a situation, Care Love Charity Foundation have embarked on a very aggressive campaign against HIV contamination.

Our main target is the youth population. We intend to progressively provide a deep awareness about that disease and the possible means of avoiding it or surviving with in case of unfortunate affection. We are convinced that if young people can access comprehensive sexuality education before becoming sexually active, they will be able to make more informed decisions about their sexuality and approach relationship with more self-confidence, or at least a well-informed apprehension. Through our campaigns, they will get enough information about the major risks they face, among others: negativist myths surrounding the use of condoms, barbaric illusions about the cure of HIV, the risks of anticipated sexual activities, and how to deal with the rich and older predators.


The diseases related to jiggers, unlike many other diseases which do not discriminate among social classes, these ones have socio-economics risk factors which include social neglect, poor housing, inadequate water supply and sanitation, poor domestic and corporal hygiene… As such, it is a disease of the poor, the vulnerable, and the neglect. “Two million people in twenty four counties (in Kenya) suffer the debilitating effects and social stigma associated with jiggers, while another ten million Kenyans is at risk of infestation” (First Lady Margaret Kenyatta, see www.president.go.ke/2015/03/03).

In Kabati area |(Murang’a County), Care Love Charity Foundation identified entire families who have been left crippled because of jiggers and as a consequence have become stigmatized, marginalized, non-productive and highly dependent, over-whelmed, helpless and sick. In one of the visited families, these insects have completely reduced the mother and her children to the beggar’s level, as they cannot use properly neither their arms nor their legs. Our first objective have been to clean their bodies and their environments by providing a new shelter, new clothes and sleeping stuff.

We are determined to eradicate jiggers in this area.

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