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Education Program

a) Children from financially challenged background.

Unemployment is on the increase and consequently poverty is rising. Many Kenyans earn less than a dollar per day and can therefore hardly afford basics needs like adequate nutrition, health care, decent shelter, and in some cases, not even water. Many people, especially those living in the rural area, spend most of their time looking for these necessities. This leaves them with no time for other economic activities, hence sinking them deeper into poverty.

In such situations, husband gets depressed, wives get discouraged and children neglected when not simply abandoned. In absentia of school uniforms and stationery, even the so called “free primary education” does not function for them. That is why Care Love Charity Foundation is here to keep in school the children from poor background and take back to educational and training institutions those who have dropped out of them, no matter the reason or the level.

b) Street children in Korogocho slum.

The introduction of the “free primary education” (FPE) by the Kenyan government has opened some doors or opportunities for the many orphaned children but the package doesn’t cater for all their education requirement; hence a certain number of children are denied opportunities for education.

Withdrawing children from schools to nurse their ailing parents and to pay huge hospital bills and funeral costs is the situation in which the children of Korogocho slum get in when parents or family members fall sick.

The affected children who are still attending school suffer as they may face heavy domestic responsibilities and may also lack the resources for school fees, tuition fees and other school expenses and this may hinder their concentration during lessons.

For all those reasons, Care Love Charity Foundation, by opening Dinah’s Care Centre within Korogocho slum, intend to take care of those children in order to allow them to go to school and prepare their bright future.

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