P.O.Box 38088-00100 ,
Nairobi, Kenya

+254 763 481 829

DR. Kana A. Tharcisse

DR. Kana A. Tharcisse is a Burundian by birth but living in Kenya for the last 15 years, where ha have been working for several humanitarian Non-Governmental Organizations.

He is a Holder of a PhD in Philosophy, a Master’s Degree in Psychiatry and, a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management and a Diploma in Psychosynthesis & Counselling Therapies. He have been working in the area of Rehabilitation of people in the street and ex-prisoners for the last 29 years. During one of conversations with Dr Kana encouraged us by saying that “it doesn’t matter how small you are, as long as you have a faith and a plan of action.” And in front of logistic means related problems any beginning organization can face, Dr Kana switched off our worries by quoting Gandhi who once said: “the world is big enough to satisfy everyone’s need, but that same world will always be very small to satisfy everybody’s greed.”

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