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Build Shelter

For decades (if not centuries), people living in African rural areas have been facing housing problems. Kenya is among the countries where this problem affects the vulnerable and poor citizens from its population.

People living in the Kenyan rural area of KABATI (Murang’a County) are facing not only jiggers’ related problem but are also living in very uncomfortable houses. Unfortunately, poor housing is even facilitating the spreading of the jiggers we earlier talked about of that area. Many houses are of substandard quality, mainly made of mad, old pieces of iron sheets and wood with no cement or stones on the floor.

Lack of awareness (for example the disinfection of the house on a regular basis) create a suitable environment for many diseases. Care Love Charity Foundation have already started such a program in Kabati and we have a reasonable hope that in a near future, many families will be hearing about poor housing only through newspapers and manual of history.

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