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Nairobi, Kenya

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Care Love Charity Foundation - Giving Hope & Joy to Humanity


Welcome to Care Love Charity Foundation, the organization is based in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, with operations spread all over the country. The Foundation’s purpose is to promote access to education, affordable healthcare, humanitarian charity and social economic empowerment of the poor and vulnerable communities. The foundation’s mission is guided by its core values and strong believe that charity alone is not enough. We value charity that delivers measurable sustainable change to project participants leaving them with broad lasting smiles.


Citizen Empowerment Program

Generally, the poor have very little capacity to access/exploit different resources, and also to work in formal employment.


Feeding & Education Program

This Program was developed to provide children from poor backgrounds with no means to go to school a chance for an education and a decent meal.


Medical Program

This program focuses on HIV AIDS awareness & Prevention sensitization in Kenyan slums. We also tackle jigger infestation manace in rural Kenya.


Shelter Program

We build decent shelters for the poor and the elderly in rural areas. For majority of the world poor, decent shelter remains a luxury hence helping their overall livelihoods.

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